Anniversary Multimedia

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Vintage Winter Carnival...

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Early racing...

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We have lots of video from the past 50 years!
Large reels of old 8mm film have been digitized along with hundreds of feet of VHS tape. We also have hours of digital video and even high-definition video from the past several years. On these pages you can view some of our clips. Many of them will be included on the DVD.

50th Anniversary Gala Video clips

Click here to view some of the video clips from the 50th Anniversary Gala. Only available here! These clips are not included on the Anniversary DVD.

Gala photos

Beginning in September we will let you upload videos of Holiday Valley that you have created! More information on how to do it will be posted here soon!


The DVD Soundtrack - It's FREE!

You can download the soundtrack from the 50th Anniversary DVD in MP3 format.
It's free!

Antoine de Snyder - A Racer's Passage.mp3 8440875 bytes
Antoine de Snyder - Global Resorts Ascent.mp3 7328063 bytes
Antoine de Snyder - Magical Valley.mp3 7321760bytes
Antoine de Snyder - Only in EVL-Reprise.mp3 4627000 bytes
Antoine de Snyder - Secret Slopes.mp3 7897524 bytes
Antoine de Snyder - Valley Rising (Into the Spotlight).mp3 8402231 bytes
Antoine de Snyder - Valley Voyage.mp3 7820175bytes
Dana Allison - Across Time.mp3 6158755 bytes






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We'll post some more information here as we schedule events for the Anniversary and the upcoming season!







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